Genesis PURE™ Membership

There is value behind a Genesis PURE™ membership

Genesis PURE members are interested in the product discounts, not necessarily to start a Genesis PURE™ business. When you sign up as a Member, you can enjoy no minimum monthly orders. Simply order what you, your friends, or your family need when it’s needed. 

Benefits of being a Member: 

  • Product Discount: 25% off of Retail Prices for all purchases
  • PAR Perks rewards 
  • Discounted Enrollment Fee: $25; $20 with Autoship (through the Mobile App)
  • Discounted Annual Renewal Fee: $10

Quality products

Being an active member of Genesis PURE means you have access to all of our health and wellness products. It is here that you can begin your journey to Whole Health with innovative nutrition, performance, and beauty products. In addition, it is easy to share something that you can truly believe in.