Dae Geun Jung

Founder & Chairman of the Board

“The network marketing industry is moving very fast, and Genesis PURE™ will be there for you as you grow with us. Our vision is to deliver Whole Health by providing the products and support the body needs to restore itself; and, in the process, help create wealth for the individual. We would like to see every member of the Genesis PURE family live more fulfilling lives." - Mr. Dae Geun Jung

Mr. Dae Geun Jung, Genesis PURE Founder, has been engaged in the network marketing industry and global business for more than twenty years. Mr. Jung's network marketing successes resulted in his authoring a book called Inner Circle Business Guide Book. He later took his system global.

Mr. Jung hopes to make Genesis PURE the culmination of his lifework by creating an environment in which everyone is allowed to build and share together. He hopes to see the PURE Prosperity Rewards Plan, which took considerable time to develop, give every Independent Business Owner (IBO) the best opportunity for success. He envisions a healthier and wealthier life for all--one person at a time.