P.U.R.E. Charity

What is P.U.R.E.?

People United Reaching Everyone (P.U.R.E.) was created with the understanding that little gestures of hope and kindness can make a huge difference. Maintaining its roots as a charity, P.U.R.E. has evolved into a way of life embraced by the entire Genesis PURE™ family.

Corporate and individual contributions made to P.U.R.E. combine to create a legacy for the future by donating to worthy charities such as World’s Children and Rising Star Outreach. With each Genesis PURE purchase, you make a difference in lives around the world. Sponsoring children in need through these organizations is just one example of the many ways we have been able to share the abundance of Genesis PURE.

Closer to our home in Utah, P.U.R.E. is an integral part of the Genesis PURE corporate culture. Donating products to local schools and volunteering at the local shelter run by the Salvation Army have allowed employees to give back to the community. Each month, employees make sandwiches that are hand-delivered to those seeking refuge at the shelter in Salt Lake City.

How are you sharing P.U.R.E. with the world around you? Let us know by sending your story! 

African Children’s Choir

Genesis PURE distributor Julia Tracy (Austin, TX) serves as the International Choir Operations Director for the Music for Life Home of the African Children’s Choir. Founded in 1984 by Ray Barnett, this unique organization was formed to celebrate the beauty and talent of some of Africa’s most vulnerable children. These children are often orphaned as their parents die of disease and poverty. They are invited to attend Music for Life camps to participate in games, crafts, music, and devotions. From these camps, individuals are selected to join the African Children’s Choir.

The Choir is instrumental in providing education to children and young adults throughout Africa; this is accomplished by sharing their amazing talent with others. Revenue earned from their performances is used to support the choir itself as well as build schools and provide education and hope for many thousands of children just like them throughout Africa.

Thank you, Julia, for being a great example of what P.U.R.E. is all about! To learn more about the African Children’s Choir and to donate, visit their website, africanchildrenschoir.com.

In 2010, the African Children’s Choir was chosen to be a part of the Starbucks sharing campaign. To view a short video highlighting the choir and featuring IBO Julia Tracy, click here.